Cricket Ireland Structure

Cricket Ireland is the National Governing Body for the Sport for the island of Ireland. It is responsible for setting the strategic direction and the administration of cricket in the island of Ireland.

At present there are 12 Directors, 5 of which are independent. There are also 5 provincial bodies who have responsibility for the game in their respective regions. The Provincial Unions are as follows:

(based in Belfast):
39 clubs who field 271 teams (115 adult; 156 youth) Development Officers are working with 3,426 kids between NCU and NWCU areas. 42 schools are jointly affiliated to the Northern and North West Unions. Women’s cricket developing in both regions for the 1st time.
North West
(based in Londonderry):
22 clubs who field 159 teams (59 adult; 100 youth). Development Officers are working with 3,426 kids between NCU and NWCU areas. 42 schools are jointly affiliated to the Northern and North West Unions. Women’s cricket developing in both regions for the 1st time.
(based in Dublin):
44 clubs who field 311 teams (145 adult; 166 youth) 36 schools are affiliated. Development Officers are working with 2,625 kids in the region.
(based in Cork):
14 clubs who field 35 teams (22 adult; 13 youth). Development Officers are working with 1,963 schoolchildren in the region.
(based in Galway) Formed in 2010
8 clubs which fields 8 teams (all adult). Total of 193 playing members.

Board Structure

The following diagram provides an overview of the Board structure of Cricket Ireland.

Board Structure of Cricket Ireland

The following table details the committees and provides an overview of their responsibilities.

Cricket Ireland Board

The Cricket Ireland Board consists of 12 members.

The Board meets regularly so as to provide strategic leadership to the Company, exercise effective control over the organisation, and monitor executive management and performance. The Board is wholly non-executive and comprises nominees of the constituent Unions and “independent” Directors.The primary responsibility of all Directors is to act in the best overall interest of Cricket Ireland at all times – it is appropriate to recognise, however, the particular importance of the contribution of the “independent” Directors in this area. Specific responsibilities of the Board are:

  • To provide vision, leadership and direction for the Company, normally through the consideration and approval of Strategic Plans
  • In this context, to define the Company’s mission, decide its strategic goals and approve policies to achieve those goals
  • To ensure that the Company is well managed and that a proper balance is maintained between the respective roles of Board and Management
  • To set performance targets and, in particular, to approve and monitor the Annual Operating Plan and Budget
  • To ensure that the Company behaves ethically and in a manner that accords with its core values as determined in the Strategic Plan
  • To define and promote the Company’s role in the community by consulting its stakeholders and informing the public in an open accountable manner
  • To agree the Chief Executive’s performance objectives in consultation with him
Cricket Committee

The functions of the Cricket Committee are as follows:

  • To assist management in the delivery of the operational product of Irish cricket.
  • Performance management overview of the progress within Irish cricket at the various levels and sectors of activity for which the Union and its subordinate committeess takes responsibility
  • The Cricket Committee may commission or recommend activity to Management/the Board in the furtherance of its aims. The commissioning of activity should be followed by consultation with Management on the financial implication of any decision.
  • The Cricket Committee shall carry out any work which is delegated to it by the board
  • The Cricket Committee may establish its own sub-committees in any area which it deems to be relevant for any specific work (grounds, youth, womens etc)
  • The Cricket Committee shall approve the appointment of Coaches and Managers to all International squads other than the Senior Men’s Squad.
  • The Cricket Committee shall be responsible for all arrangements associated with the running of The Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup & RSA National Cup
Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Consider the financial results and the performance to budget on a regular basis
  • Review future budgets prior to submission to the Board and will recommend acceptance or otherwise to the Board
  • Consult with management and review the preparation of a long-term financial forecast and plan for submission to the Board when appropriate
  • Make recommendations on the annual audited accounts to the Board
  • Approve financial policy and protocols
  • Make recommendations to the Board on specific financial matters including, but not limited to:
  • the desired level of reserves;
  • placing money on deposit;
  • appropriate investment strategy;
  • the movement of money between currencies;
  • the Company’s tax position, with a specific regard to maximising the Company’s tax efficiency
  • Where directed by the Board, review and consider new business initiatives that might impact upon the Company’s finances
  • Make recommendations to the Board about securing loans from the appropriate bodies
  • Recommend the Company’s auditors to the Board
  • Setting delegated authorities and limits, and establishing holders of company credit cards
  • Consider any matters deemed relevant raised by the Board or by management
Commercial Committee
  • Create, exploit and leverage commercial opportunities around the game of cricket in Ireland
  • Raise funds to support the business plans of Cricket Ireland
  • Identify projects which might be funded by third parties
  • Approach and persuade potential donors to invest in Irish cricket, and report back to them regarding return on their investment on a timely basis
  • Consider media and marketing programmes to raise awareness of the brand, and to exploit the goodwill that exists for Irish Cricket
  • To clearly iterate the ‘brand’ of Irish Cricket and use the visions stated in the Strategic Plan to engage with our target audience
  • Persuade appropriate personnel to serve on the Committee
  • Liaise with the Finance Committee and report quarterly to the Board


Board Member Role Time on Board
Ross McCollum Chairman Since 2010
Roland Bradley Delegate Cricket Leinster Since 2016
Andy Clement Vice-Chairman Northern Cricket Union;
Chairman of CI Cricket Committee
Since 2012
Bill Cunningham Independent Director Since 2015
Peter Dineen Delegate Munster Cricket Union Since 2013
Derek Dockrell Delegate Cricket Leinster Since 2016
Andrew Fleming

Delegate North West Cricket Union

Since 2008
Alan Lewis Independent Director
Former Irish International

Since 2012

Roger McGreal Independent Director Since 2013
Anne Nolan

Independent Director

Since 2016
Frank Sowman Independent Director Since 2013
Alan Waite Delegate Northern Cricket Union Since 2015


Chief Executive Warren Deutrom
President Brian Walsh
Company Secretary Murray Power
Finance Bill Cunningham (Chair), Peter McCartney, Cillian McCarthy, David Brennan, Richard Johnson, Ian Talbot, Dr Murray Power, Phillip Black.
Cricket Andy Clement (Chair), Helen Caird, Brian Walsh, Andrew Fleming, Alan Lewis, David Griffin, Peter Thew (IACUS).
Disciplinary Barry Keane (Chair), Neale Matthews, Barry Collins, David Pigott, Andrew Babington, Appeals Commissioners – Brian Turtle, David Enser.
Remunerations Ross McCollum (Chair), Bill Cunningham, Roger McGreal.
Nominations David Williams (Chair), Chairman Ross McCollum Brian Walsh (as President-elect), Dr Murray Power (as Company Secretary), Brian Turtle (as former Independent Director), Joe Doherty (as former President/Chairman), Warren Deutrom (as CEO and minutes secretary).
Match Allocation Eddie Lewis (Chair), Paul Reynolds, Richard Johnson, David Bradley, David Griffin.
Inter-Pro Structure Richard Holdsworth (Chair), Alan Waite, Andrew Fleming, David Griffin, Brian Walsh, David Bradley, Cricket Leinster x 2, Cricket Operations Manager (Secretary).
Youth Working Group Andy Clement (Chair), Michael Hingston (Secretary), Elaine Nolan, Richard Holdsworth, Simon Dyke, Aaron Hamilton, Peter Johnston, Sue O’Connor, Brían O’Rourke (CricLein), Chris Thomas (MCU), Andrew Rose (NCU), Trevor Hamilton (NWCU).