Eight Irish Umpires Named on new ICC Panels

November 18th 2014 | International

Eight Irish Umpires Named on new ICC Panels

ICC Europe announced yesterday the aligning of its regional Umpire Panels to the ICC Associate & Affiliate International Panel (ICC A&A IP), with eight Irish umpires named in the new ICC Associate & Affiliate International Panel of regional umpires for Europe.

The formation of the ICC Regional Associate & Affiliate Panel – Europe will be made up of the best regional umpires who will stand in ICC Europe events, with the opportunity therefore to be promoted to the ICC A&A IP and receive tailored professional development.

Azam Baig, Roland Black, David Bradley, Mark Hawthorne and Alan Neill were all named on the 16-man European panel, with Kevin Gallagher, Noel McCarey and Michael Ross have been named on the regional reserve panel.

This decision has been supported by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) who ICC Europe have been working closely with. ICC Europe is pleased to announce further support from the ECB to the region’s best umpires. Chris Kelly, Umpires’ Manager for the ECB explains, “This is a wonderful opportunity for the best performing ICC Europe umpires to receive dedicated professional development and further opportunities, particularly with us at the ECB, to continue to develop umpires within the region.”

There will still be great support provided for recreational umpires and this will be continued through links with host member countries, with the aim to ensure pathways continue to be there for the best officials. Nick Cousins, Senior Executive Officer of the ECB Association of Cricket Officials (ACO) expresses opportunity possibilities for ICC Europe umpires. “ECB ACO values its close association with ICC Europe and welcomes the opportunity to further extend our relationship by providing opportunities for ICC Europe’s developing umpires to stand in ECB competitions,” said Cousins.

ICC Regional Development Manager- Europe, Nick Pink is very happy with the new structure, “We are excited to be working alongside the best umpires regionally to develop their abilities and work with them individually to continue to develop, whilst encouraging them to be leaders in umpiring domestically.’

We would like to thank all umpires for their support over the past year and look forward to 2015.

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