Player Pathway

Under-age cricket is about fun, enjoyment, friendship, participation, skill development and competition. It is the bedrock and beginning of every single cricketer's pathway in the sport.

​Schools and clubs should provide appropriate opportunities for boys and girls to participate and enjoy cricket at their level of interest, ability and maturity. To do this schools and clubs need to implement and deliver cricket programmes which offer young cricketers a fun progression of clearly identifiable steps in terms of play, skill development and competitive challenge.

The player development pathway is a guide for best practice in schools and clubs - something to strive for and work towards. It focuses on putting children and young people first, on preparing them for the transition to youth cricket, and later adult cricket. They are cricket's grassroots, they are it's future

To meet the needs of children and young people as they play and progress along the pathway, schools and clubs need to provide adequate facilities and encourage the involvement of teachers, parents and volunteer supporters as coaches and officials. Coaches in cricket are vital to the growth of the game and the development of our young cricketers across Ireland.

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