Disciplinary Committee

The Cricket Ireland Disciplinary Committee meets periodically to hear alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct and Playing Regulations across international fixtures, inter-provincial fixtures, Super 3’s, and all-Ireland cup competitions that are organised and played under the auspices of Cricket Ireland.

The Disciplinary Committee enforces the rules and regulations set out in the Cricket Ireland Disciplinary Regulations 2019.

To download the form for submitting disciplinary reports, please click here.

Committee Membership

The committee consists of the following members:

Barry Keane (Chair), Neale Matthews, Barry Collins, David Pigott, Andrew Babington, George Brolly. Appeals Commissioners – Brian Turtle, David Enser.

Disciplinary Decisions – 2019 Season

The following is a summary of Cricket Ireland Disciplinary Decisions to date (2019 Season). These are disciplinary decisions were during the 2019 Season, following reporting from standing umpires.