CICA Membership

CICA Membership

Welcome to the home of the Cricket Ireland Coaches Association (CICA).

The Association

The Coaches Association aims to support Irish Cricket Coaches by providing a range of benefits, including insurance, continuous professional development opportunities and coach networking events as well as discounts on tickets to international cricket matches in Ireland.

Benefits of CICA membership

By becoming a CICA member entitles coaches to the following benefits:

  • Coach insurance cover until 1 March 2024
  • CICA Coaching notebook
  • Online Coaching forum
  • Coach Connects monthly newsletter
  • In-person workshops and networking events
  • CICA members discount on tickets International Cricket matches in Ireland
  • Continuous Professional Development Opportunities:
      • Processing a players mental health concern
      • Goal setting for coaches
      • Reflective Practice
      • Personal Self-Care

Who can be a CICA member?

To become a CICA member and eligible for the benefits listed above you need to be able to show evidence when requested of:

  • A current Access NI or Garda Vetting
  • A current Safeguarding Training Qualification
  • A Cricket Ireland Coaching Course Certificate
  • An ICC Coaching Certificate
  • Any ECB Coach qualification

Furthermore, to be eligible to avail of insurance cover provided by CICA membership, a coach must be a non-professional cricket coach (i.e. cricket coaching cannot be a member’s primary source of income), and they cannot be employing someone to do cricket coaching on their behalf.

CICA Insurance

(for the period 01/03/2023 – 29/02/2024)

Subject to meeting the CICA membership requirements listed above, CICA members are covered for the following:

  • Public Liability
  • Wrongful Tuition & Advice
  • Injury
  • Personal Accident

*Note: the insurance cover outlined above only applies to training sessions

What’s the cost of CICA membership?

The cost for CICA membership in 2023 (01/03/2023 to 29/02/2024) is €65 (includes all taxes & charges)

Become a member today

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