Coach Development

Coach Development

Cricket Ireland has released its Coach Education and Development Strategic Plan 2018-2020. The Plan sets out the answer to the question: Why does coaching matter?

The plan ensures Cricket Ireland’s approach to coach development reflects an understanding of how coaches learn, the role of coaching qualifications, as well as the evolving context of cricket coaching in Ireland. As well as setting out the framework, the plan identifies what we believe about coach development and why.

Our Coach Development Vision

“To have a coach education and development system which supports coaches to continue learning throughout their coaching journey, and inspires them to meet the needs and support the ambitions of cricket players at all levels in Ireland.”

Our Coaching Principles

Cricket Ireland recognises coaches will bring their own practical knowledge and evolving philosophies to the way they coach.

However, we believe it’s helpful to identify a few key principles coaches can build into their coaching practice. These principles can help drive a clear and shared approach to cricket coaching in Ireland.

We believe coaches who ‘bring to life’ the four principles below will provide quality experiences for all participants:

Player-centred coaching
• Coaches understand that the player’s needs are at the heart of the coach-player relationship, and so behave in ways which best meet those needs

Coaches are good people
• Coaches behave at all times in ways which respect and affirm others, and which portray cricket as a fun, safe, and ethical sport

• Coaches are committed to collaborating with each other in order to share experiences to the benefit of their own development and that of their players

Lifelong learning
• Coaches take responsibility for leading their own development, and understand that learning can occur right across their coaching lifespan

Download the Strategic Plan and Key Priority Documents

Below are links to the Cricket Ireland Coach Education and Development Strategic Plan 2018-2020 and several documents relating to key priority areas of the Strategic Plan.

More information

If you have any questions about coach development, please email Brett Reid on


Sport Ireland Online Coaching Children Course

Sport Ireland have developed an online coaching children course that complements Cricket Ireland’s Coaching Kids 5-11 Years course. The online course is free, takes about an hour to do, and Sport Ireland issue an electronic certificate on successful completion of the course. Whether you have already attended or intend to attend a Cricket Ireland Coaching Kids 5-11 Years course, the Sport Ireland online course is a valuable continuing development opportunity for anyone supporting young cricketers.

To register on the course, click here: