CI Safeguarding Policy and Guidance for Cricket Clubs

The Cricket Ireland Child Safeguarding Policy and Guide is designed to be a source of policy statements relating to safeguarding and a practical guide and reference document for cricket clubs and all those involved in cricket.

This pack is a collection of best practice guidelines and templates that your club can use to help promote children’s wellbeing and help to keep them safe in our sport. It will be regularly reviewed (every three years or in response to relevant legislation or government guidance) and incorporates any new and updated child wellbeing and will incorporate protection guidance and legislation.

In this document a child or young person is defined as someone under the age of 18.

To ensure your club is a safe environment for children and young people it is recommended that all sections of this pack are implemented. Clubs are at liberty to supplement the information in this pack, but they are expressly prohibited from departing from the information which is now being made available in this document.

You can use it: - in its entirety or select only the relevant sections when needed - to look at what is already in place at your club to confirm the positives and/or identify any gaps - to develop policies and procedures templates can be used as is or added to suit your club’s needs

It provides guidance and support for staff and volunteers working with children in our clubs and any member of staff or volunteer taking on the role of Children’s Officer, Designated Liaison Person, or working/volunteering with children. It should be read in conjunction with other Cricket Ireland policies and all other relevant policies and procedures.

Throughout this guidance we will refer to Cricket Clubs’ volunteers/staff. By this we mean anyone involved in the delivery of the sport, for example, paid or unpaid staff including volunteer coaches, parent helpers, officials, etc.