Malahide Win National Cup Final

September 9th 2017

Malahide Cricket Club defeated Terenure by 17 runs to win the National Cup

Malahide begin the celebrations as the last Terenure wicket falls

Sean Davey of Malahide hit 108 not out while Terenure's Jeremy Bray hit 92 as the chase looked on for long passages of play in the National Cup Final

President of Cricket Ireland Brian Walsh addresses the crowd at the presentation ceremony

Terenure CC captain Conor Mullen spoke very well after the game

Winning captain Alan Reynolds praised both Terenure and his own side after the match

Cricket Ireland President, Brian Walsh, presented the National Cup to Malahide captain Alan Reynolds

Alan Reynolds lifted the National Cup trophy with his Malahide CC side

The Malahide CC team celebrated their victory joined by their scorer Lorraine McKeaney

Alan and Keith Reynolds are joined in their celebration of their National Cup victory

Brothers SJ and Wilhelm de Klerk celebrate Malahide's National Cup win

The de Klerk family celebrate

Ireland international Peter Chase celebrates Malahide's National Cup victory

David O'Halloran got his hands on the National Cup trophy today

Wicket-keeper Fintan McAllister was happy to get his hands on the National Cup after defeating Terenure by 17 runs

The victorious Malahide CC squad