Christina’s Windies tribute goes global

September 3rd 2020 by Craig Easdown | International

Christina’s Windies tribute goes global

Jason Holder with Christina Troup at Malahide, May 2019

On 17 May 2019, a 6-year old Christina Troup met West Indies captain Jason Holder on the boundary rope at Malahide. Christina had been selected as the Windies team mascot for the ODI Tri-Series Final. That day began a youngsters obsession with the Caribbean team.

“He’s only massive!” were the words that young Christina exclaimed to her mother when asked what it was like to meet Holder.

That day has, according to her parents, started an obsession and she has “followed them religiously” ever since.

Move forward just over 12 months and now 7-year old Christina has composed an “Ode to the West Indies” on her French Horn!

Impressed by her talent, we shared the video with our West Indian counterparts who loved it, and have since posted it on the official Cricket West Indies social media channels.

Here it is for you to enjoy - our congratulations and best wishes to Christina!

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