Club Connects - Upcoming Workshops

February 6th 2022 by Cricket Ireland | International, Other

Club Connects - Upcoming Workshops

Club Connects is a Cricket Ireland initiative for cricket clubs across the island of Ireland. Clubs are at the heart of organised sport and are often the primary way people from a wide range of local communities connect ‘face-to-face’ with the sport.

The aim of the Club Connects programme is to build the capability and capacity of volunteers in cricket clubs so that they can provide the kind of positive experiences that will aid growth in ways that matter to the clubs, the community, Cricket Ireland, and Ireland as a whole.

We are delighted to announce our Club Connects Workshops for the spring series.


Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias

Maria Lynch from Motivated Joyful Living will deliver an interactive workshop on Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias.

Players, coaches, parents/guardians, committee members, volunteers etc. are invited to join us for a workshop where we’ll discuss:
  - Understanding Diversity and Inclusion
  - Understanding Unconscious Bias and Awareness of our own individual biases
  - Building Club Volunteer capability and capacity individuals and as a collective to provide welcoming and positive experiences for all local communities
  - Working towards building a more inclusive culture as a whole organisation

  • Tuesday 8 February at 7pm: link to register
  • Wednesday 2 March at 7pm: link to register


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