On The Front Foot

September 10th 2020 by Ali Nolan | International, Women

On The Front Foot Full Series

Cricket Ireland has announced the launch of On The Front Foot, a web series Championing Female Leaders in Sport.

As part of the Women in Sport programme, On the Front Foot looks to give both female and male leaders in the wider sporting context an opportunity to share their experiences and offer perspectives on the importance of female involvement at all levels of leadership.

Each episode will offer viewers an insight into what makes a true leader, what challenges can exist and why we should look to work collaboratively.

Hosted by RTE Game On host, Marie Crowe and beginning on September 9, the series will run over three Wednesdays and people are invited to register to attend.

As there is limited availablity, each show will be available on demand via www.cricketireland.ie the next day.

Episode 3: Allyship and Collaboration


Register for On The Front Foot: Allyship and Collaboration


Episode 2: Culture and Engagement: Watch Back


Watch Now! Episode 2: On The Front Foot: Culture and Engagement

Episode 1: Female Voices In Sport - Watch Back

Week one of the Cricket Ireland Championing Female Leaders in Sport web series, On the Front Foot kicked off in style with four female champions taking centre stage.

Hosted by series leader Marie Crowe, Laura Delany, Sene Naoupu and Lynne Cantwell shared their experiences of leading and leadership across their careers to date.

We will post the video of Episode 1 - Female Voices in Sport in the coming days.


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