Statement on the review of cricket development

October 26th 2018 | International

Cricket Ireland has been made aware of public reporting on a review currently underway on the future of grassroots development in cricket around Ireland. The following background is provided to clarify the current process.

A review of the development side of cricket across Ireland has been undertaken, as part of a joint project between Cricket Ireland and the Provincial Unions. This review is in line with the requirements of the Cricket Ireland Strategic Plan 2016-2020, and aims to find the most effective and efficient ways of developing the game at a grassroots level and supporting clubs and schools.

The outcomes from this review propose that the future development of cricket across Ireland is the responsibility of the Provincial Unions, and not Cricket Ireland.  This will ensure development activities meet the needs of local clubs, schools and communities.

There is absolutely no intention to invest less in our development programme, but is actually the transference of responsibility and accountability to the Provincial Unions objectives which are clearly flagged in our strategy.

As part of this process, it is currently envisioned that dedicated Provincial Union roles will be created as a more appropriate means of delivering on Club Cricket objectives outlined in the Cricket Ireland Strategic Plan.  Any new roles developed will be significantly different in terms of structure, approach and job role, therefore transferring staff from their existing roles to any new role in the Provincial Unions is not possible.

As such, regionally-based development roles - of which there are six in total - that currently sit within the Cricket Ireland structure are potentially impacted by these proposals and the relevant staff have been informed and consultation has begun on the way forward.

Why is this review underway?

The Cricket Ireland Strategic Plan outlines a number of key priority activities that seek to grow participation across Ireland and recognise clubs as the hub of our sport.

In the last 12 months, Cricket Ireland has invested over €900,000 in club and grassroots cricket via the Provincial Unions, this support has strengthened the ability of the Provincial Unions to direct funding and resources into growing participation in their regions.

However, the current structural arrangements are no longer fit-for-purpose, as they were established at an earlier time when Provincial Unions had not developed the capacity to take on this responsibility.

It is now time to correct and modernise the structure and lines of accountability within our sport. While this was clearly outlined in our strategy, we still felt it important to re-verify our thinking on this with our unions and proposals fully endorsed.

Why is this review happening now?

Discussions have been ongoing between Cricket Ireland and the Provincial Unions in relation to the outcome of the review and proposals were signed off by the Cricket Ireland Board.  We are now moving to implement the review outcomes.

What are the next steps?

While no definitive outcome has been pre-determined, we will be looking at the best way to implement our Strategic Plan objectives. We recognise that there is a human element to consider, and will work with affected staff involved with fairness, dignity and in accordance with any legal requirements.

While details of these consultations will remain confidential, we also recognise that transparency and accountability is important in what we do. Hence this information has been provided to explain the intent of the review and the current proposals as they stand.

We will provide updates as the process proceeds.




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